Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dylan tabulature PDF

Dear Dylan fans,

I have been playing Dylan songs on guitar for a number of years, and have learned a very good many of them. I have found that the best way to enjoy Dylan's catalogue is to sing it. For any new or old Dylan fans that have embarked on this same path, I have decided to share here, a finely curated collection of Dylan guitar TABs that I have culled from various sources on the internet (many come from here and re-organised into one (far from comprehensive) PDF file, which can be easily loaded onto an iPad. There is a table of contents so you can skip to any song of interest. Wherever possible I have tried to fit all the lyrics and the whole song on one or two pages for convenience, while keeping the font size as big as possible. Also, for many songs I have used BOLD and highlights to accentuate certain features of the songs, such as choruses or first lines of each verse. Also, for many songs I include where I place the CAPO on my guitar, and the key of harmonica that I play, however I have no idea if this is the same as the "official" key of the song. The collection is rather random and reflects my interest in learning as many Dylan songs as possible, especially the less mainstream ones, including many songs that he covers. Some songs are not here because I already know them by heart, while others are missing because I had no desire to learn them. They are mostly in alphabetical order, with the exceptions that, songs that I play in DADFAD tuning are grouped at the beginning, and many songs from the album "Love and Theft" (many of which have some unusual jazzy chords) are grouped together at the end.


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